Telecoms and Systems

Telecoms and Phone Systems

We have vast knowledge of a vast aray of telecoms,telephone system on the market which means we have more options to provide the telephone system that is better suited to match your needs and budget. We can supply telephone systems for homes and businesses of all sizes. We can help to minimise your costs and grow productivity with our cost effective flexible telecoms services.

We also supply and support Hosted Telephone Systems. These phones work on a internet cloud based principle, so as long as you have a internet connection you can plug the phone in and GO. If you have the mobile user licence it can make your mobile ring at the exact same time as the main phone so you never need to miss a call or get that new enqirery about work that you might loose if you dont answer it.

This phone can simply unplugged and moved any where but still have the office number when ringing out eg Main office std 016466 06060 (west wales) plugs it in to broadband at a customers office in Glasgow and rings out and the person at the other end still see’s 01646 606060.

Benefits being

• Honesty – No hidden charges.

• Cost Effective – Immediate savings.

• Genuine – We only use BT cabling network.

• Clear – Simple tariffs.

• Choice – Paper or online bills.

• Support – Friendly no call centre.

If you would like more information on any of the services we offer please click here to email us, call us today on 01646 686 681.